Who would benefit from this course?

  • An L&D Manager: You can offer this course to your employees, especially if they are based in different locations.

  • A Facilitator or Manager at a Training Company: We can train you to provide this course to your clients.

  • An Instructional Designer: We will customize the format based on your content for any subject; you can deliver it, or we can do it for you.

Why bring this course to your company?

This course combines the brevity of a half-day class with the intensity of a seven-day program with the self-paced, online practice. And your learners will apply the skills on the job.

Can participants use their laptops, tablets, or phones?

Yes, the participants will access all materials -- the e-Workbook, the learning management system, and the other online resources -- with a mobile device.

What makes this course unique?

The seamless blending of technology and instructional design makes this course unique. Participants are constantly interacting with the e-Workbooks and each other.

What makes the learning "stick"?

The active learning exercises and varied types of practice engage the participants in meaningful learning experiences. Also, the content chunks keep the material easy to remember.

How many people can attend each course?

The course is designed for up to 12 participants. Those participants can be in one location or in several places with the use of video conferencing for the half-day course.