Instructional Design Services

Custom Blended Learning Design Services​​

We will design and deliver impactful learning experiences.

Your course will be rich with interactive exercises, a detailed teaching schedule, an eWorkbook, a PDF printed version of the workbook, and visually appealing PowerPoint slides. All materials flow seamlessly in person and online.

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Virtual Business Writing Skills: A Blended Learning Course

The course begins with a half-day, in-person session, 

and it continues with an online, self-paced section. Participants will leave the course with greater confidence in their writing skills.

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Executive Coaching

We can coach you on how to become the writer, speaker, and meeting leader that will take your career forward. Whether you're in a 1-1 meeting with the CEO or with a team member, your ability to structure your thoughts quickly and give a brief, candid response is critical to success in your job.

We can provide you with the communication training expertise and the flexibility of in-person and virtual coaching sessions. 

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Educational Technology Consulting


The answer to these questions could come down to whether or not your participants are using active versus passive learning strategies. We incorporate active learning strategies such as retrieval practice and elaboration techniques into the design of all our programs. These methods are backed by hundreds of studies on the best ways to recall and retain information in a meaningful way.

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