Instructional Design for

Face-to-Face and

Blended Learning Courses

Your Resource for Face-to-Face and Blended Learning Solutions

What We Do: 

"We design blended learning courses

for training managers"

We can build your face-to-face course, online course, or blended learning course to fit your timeline. And we offer a unique approach to personalized learning and knowledge transfer.

How We Do It:

We use a three-step process of Connect, Plan, and Transfer.

We connect your training goals with the most relevant content. Then we design a plan that combines adult learning principles with a learning experience based on the latest research findings in cognition, constructivism, and mobile learning. And last we teach the course so that learners leave with a personalized learning plan to use the new knowledge to help them reach new heights in their work and in their lives.

Why We Do It:

"To create learning experiences that are easy to get,

but tough to forget"

We will design your course using adult learning principles, active learning techniques, and mobile learning concepts. Your learners will experience a seamless knowledge flow from the classroom, to their mobile devices, and finally to their jobs. 

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