Josh Gordesky | Founder

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Educational Technology Partners

My Vision

To see active learning principles dominate the world of professional development and corporate training

My Mission

To teach interested learners how they can apply simple principles of metacognition (thinking about thinking) and meaningful learning strategies to live happier, more fulfilling lives

My Story

I've always loved learning.


Deep Dive Into Learning Technologies

In my doctoral studies, I took a deep dive into understanding why it is that we process information better in a series of targeted chunks over time versus trying to shove a huge block of information into our heads in one exhausting sitting. I'm fascinated with the manner in which people process information and how factors such as attention and motivation impact the learning experience.

Now my goal is to provide you and your team with learning experiences that are mobile and meaningful. Here are a few points about me and how I came to this point in my life and career:

Military and Corporate L&D Experience

As an air force officer, I taught other missile control launch officers how to operate complex, multi-million dollar land-based, nuclear missile systems. Upon leaving the air force in 2006, I moved from Great Falls, MT to New York City, and took my passion for teaching and learning to the corporate learning and development field. At the same time, I got married and settled into life in Brooklyn. My wife and I have two wonderful children, and many, many life-learning experiences that come from being working parents!

21st Century Learning with Game Plan Communications

Then in 2009, I saw an opportunity to provide unique, customized learning experiences by starting this company, Game Plan Communications.  I've partnered with three innovative educational technology partners as part of my emphasis on offering active learning strategies that enable people to lock in what they've learned.

I look forward to speaking with you and understanding what type of learning and development challenges that you tackle everyday.