Be clear and concise
Be clear and concise

Individual on-site or virtual sessions

Training at your convenience

You can learn how to organize your thoughts and come across with power, control, and presence through an in-person training session or one conducted via Skype.

Small-group classes to improve communication within your team

Half-day or full-day classes

We design each small-group class to take advantage of the energy and knowledge in the room by facilitating interactive exercises in pairs and groups of three.


Less is more

Data overload can be controlled

Our training teaches you how to cut, edit, and shape your thoughts into a compelling story whether you're speaking or writing.

Innovative training ideas

The art and science of communication

We bring you creative and credible ideas from advanced communication research, along with concepts from digital marketing, advertising, and psychology.


Military and corporate coaching experience

A passionate educator and leader

The firm's founder, Josh Gordesky, combines knowledge and experience from delivering coaching in the corporate world and as a former officer in the U.S. Air Force.

Core classes and customized programs

Training to meet your goals

Every class or coaching session is designed and delivered based on your specific goals for yourself or your team.

Presentation skills

Meeting skills

Writing skills

Interpersonal skills

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